Calgary Faceters Guild
Calgary Alberta

About our Guild:

Faceting is the art and technique of gem cutting. It involves the use of special equipment and materials. The faceter must decide on an appropriate facet design for a gemstone from the rough material they want to use. 
This hobby allows for the development of skills and application of new techniques. Faceting can be a rewarding and fun hobby enjoyed by almost anyone.
The purpose of the Calgary Faceters Guild (CFG) is to promote and support the development of faceting and related activities, and to aid in the education of its members.

How to Contact Us:
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is a one-time initiation fee of $10.00. The annual membership fee of $25.00 (may be subject to change) is due in September.

Our guild is a member of the Alberta Federation of Rock Clubs and the Gem & Mineral Federation of Canada.

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